An Integrated Approach to IoT Deployment

  • 18th July 2019
  • admin

A brilliant article was published recently by the National Housing Maintenance Forum which detailed our collaborative project with Homelync and partners. We were thrilled to be a part of the project which yielded excellent results! Here is an excerpt from the article…


An Integrated Approach to IoT Deployment


“In Q2 2018 Homelync deployed an integrated IoT pilot of five properties with Stirling Council. This collaboration (BT, Vaillant, BlueGreen, Verv, Smart Compliance and Conservation Labs), enabled the integration of several advanced technologies including smart boilers, connected fire alarms, water leak detectors, air quality analysers, and energy optimisers. These devices were deployed alongside Homelync’s IoT Gateway which provided the internet connection for data to be passed to the cloud-based analytics platform. Insight was then be presented in a unified ‘process friendly’ dashboard.


“The initial results of the trial were very promising. Recorded data from the deployment was extrapolated to represent Stirling’s total housing portfolio of approximately 5,500 properties. This analysis showed that there would be ‘net’ annual savings of £452k directly to the council through reducing the number of unnecessary visits, enabling preventative maintenance strategies, optimising investment, reducing voids and helping people to live in their properties longer. While also improving quality of life and reducing fuel poverty, the tenants would directly save £700k per year due to energy efficiency and damage prevention. The environment would benefit by reduction of 1.3m kg CO2 and a saving 15m litres of water. More impressively, through knock on societal benefits like savings to the NHS, wider society would benefit by a total of £5.4m per year once the system is fully scaled.”


You can read the rest of the article here: