Carbon Monoxide – The Invisible Killer

  • 13th November 2013
  • admin

Safety Awareness in Tents and Awnings

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is poisonous, colourless, tasteless and odourless.

It is produced when carbon (including gas, wood, oil and barbecue coals) is burned with insufficient oxygen to produce carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning happens when the gas is breathed in, even at very low levels. Ultimately, it can be fatal

NEVER take a portable barbecue, lit charcoal, or a camping stove into an enclosed space like a tent, caravan, awning or camping pod, either for warmth or to cook.

MAKE SURE camping lights and stoves are clean and properly adjusted to the manufacturer’s specifications.

ENSURE all barbecues, stoves and camping lights are fully out before going to bed.