Nesta Pitch

  • 4th September 2018
  • admin

Today is the big day! Our directors, Scott and Billy, are right around the corner from the Gridiron building in London where they will give the Smart Compliance Pitch to a panel of judges in hopes of snagging the coveted Nesta Inventor Prize. They’ll be given 10 minutes to ‘pitch,’ and 15 minutes to answer the judges’ questions later this afternoon. A daunting task, but Smart Compliance is up for the challenge!

Join us in wishing them luck!

After all teams pitch today, the judges will convene to discuss all 10 participants’ innovations. The winner will be announced in an award ceremony set to take place in two weeks on the 18th of September. We can’t wait!

Stay tuned for more, ladies and gentlemen. We’ll be posting the results here in a couple of weeks!


The Nesta Inventor Prize is hosted by the Department for Business, Energy, & Industrial Strategy in partnership with Barclay’s Eagle Labs. Find out more about Nesta here.