Smart Compliance Partners with CADENT Gas

  • 29th October 2020
  • admin

Smart Compliance Ltd is delighted to announce a collaborative, fully funded innovation Project with CADENT Gas. Phase 1 of the project (Proof of Concept) to develop a working prototype was completed successfully. The project outputs for Phase 2 are to design and manufacture a Smart Methane Gas Detector capable of being deployed in all CADENT Gas environments. This will allow CADENT to monitor leaks within their network remotely in real time. This project will link into Smart Compliance’s existing database, which is stored on the Smart Compliance secure Dashboard, adding an extra level of safety in premises where gas is used for cooking or heating. The portal allows the customer (CADENT) access to their own individual account that details alarms, tampers, and faults graphically on the screen in real time. These messages can also be sent to individual mobile devices.

CADENT Gas owns, operates and maintains the largest gas distribution network in the UK, transporting gas to 11 million homes and businesses across West Midlands, North West England, East of England and North London, providing people with the energy they need to stay safe and warm, and protecting them in an emergency. CADENT Gas networks comprise of 82,0000 miles (131,000 km) of pipework. They are responsible for: managing the National Gas Emergency service free phone line, on behalf of the gas industry, looking after the pipes that transport gas to homes and businesses, fixing leaks, ensuring everything is running as it should and connecting new homes to the network. GDNs currently undertake a high volume of repeat assurance surveys on Multi Occupancy Buildings (MOBs) to ensure integrity of the asset; usually this survey is following identification of severe corrosion or the temporary repair of a leak. GDNs are looking to reduce the need for repeat surveys by fitting a remote monitoring device for the detection of natural gas and carbon monoxide (CO).

The device can be permanently or temporarily fitted inside the property to monitor the environment and identify a deterioration in asset integrity remotely. Smart Compliance Ltd, have developed a new gas detection device using suitable sensing technology that has the ability to communicate natural gas readings back to a central location (or user) via SMS text messaging. This will allow decisions to be made regarding the dispatch of appropriate personnel to deal with the situation in hand if a gas reading is detected.

It is proposed that a field trial is carried out at a number of locations over a four week period.

The purpose of the field trial will be to determine the suitability of the remote gas detection system as an alternative to the supplementary surveys.

The project will seek to identify any gaps in actions required and produce a report on all relevant findings for GDNs’ review and feedback.

The main benefits from this trial will be the device’s ability to provide ongoing gas monitoring and communicate any unsafe levels immediately via text message. This will reduce the requirement for the repeat leakage surveys and as such reduce operating costs.

Smart Compliance is committed to promoting and improving levels of safety and compliance!