Smart Scottish Technology has the Edge

  • 8th December 2015
  • admin

Smart Compliance is delighted to announce it has been selected to receive a £50K funding package in the prestigious and demanding Scottish Edge Awards.

Smart Compliance has developed and patented a carbon monoxide monitor which is able to communicate remotely via SMS, reporting on its status and alerting landlords to carbon monoxide incidents, tampering, or power outages. The potential benefits for public safety, and for the saving of public money across the UK’s social housing stock, are hugely valuable.

Current carbon monoxide monitoring in the social housing sector is subject to regional variations but the basic approach is the same, requiring monitors to have physical compliance checks to ensure they are working properly and haven’t been tampered with.

“Our device is able to change the way landlords, especially those responsible for large numbers of tenants, achieve their targets for carbon monoxide monitoring, said Director Billy Mitchell. “The Smart Compliance unit reports to a central database and securely forwards all necessary information wherever the data is required – even to a smart phone held by a maintenance team or building manager.

“The efficiency with which this system makes it possible to provide greater tenant safety, and unarguable compliance with current and likely future regulation, is ground-breaking. Furthermore, the reduction in man-hours currently devoted to checking traditional monitors, and in the very high cost of call outs to false alarms, will make this modern, high-tech system highly appealing to forward-thinking landlords across the housing spectrum, and to local authority and social housing finance directors.”

The Smart Compliance system is no stranger to award success, having won Energy Innovation of the Year early this year, and is currently being sponsored by the Energy Innovation Centre in a series of pilots involving social landlords around the UK. Now, the business ‘dragons’ of the Scottish Edge Awards panel have become the latest to agree that Smart Compliance’s practical application of new technology to an area of substantial concern to government departments, social landlords, health watchdogs and the general public, is clearly worthy of support.

“Even within the limited scale of our current pilot schemes,” confirmed Mr Mitchell, “we have potentially saved two lives within the last 4 months. One only has to calculate what the statistics would be if the system was to be rolled out over tens or hundreds of thousands of homes to see just how valuable remote monitoring can be. The entire Smart Compliance team is grateful to Scottish Edge for their faith in our vision, and we’re determined to reward that faith with continued growth and the launch of new products within our remote gas detection range.”