About Us

Smart Compliance is the business behind the development of the award-winning Smart CO Detector – a unique system which combines a smart carbon monoxide detector with the provision of a powerful resource of data. The detector has the ability to keep a householder or tenant from harm. The data has the ability to provide social and private landlords with complete reassurance that they are compliant with regulation and able to evidence that compliance with a few key strokes, no matter how many properties they control. The system is supported by HouseMark, the leading provider of integrated data and analysis to the social housing sector, and hundreds of units are already being trialed throughout the UK.

However, Smart Compliance is much more than this. It is a technology business focused entirely on the development of gas detection solutions and associated data systems. As such, Smart Compliance is an ideal partner for any business or organisation interested in mitigating the threat of danger from carbon monoxide, smoke, natural gas, or any other detectable gas, especially where the remote collection of relevant data is important.

Smart Compliance is constantly developing new products and systems in its core areas, and welcomes contacts from interested parties.