For Private Owners

Your safety on your phone

Notification by SMS

In the event that a carbon monoxide emission is detected our detection system will automatically inform you via SMS. This could be particularly important where a building is unoccupied and a neighbour may be at risk or where the occupants are elderly or have low mobility.

Everything is recorded

The Smart Compliance solution includes logging of all testing in a secure central database which maintains evidence of all communications and provides evidence that carbon monoxide detection capability is active and that all legislative, duties of care and good practice obligations have been fulfilled.

The detector goes where you go.

Apart from containing many mobile phone components, our detector also contains a ‘Roaming’ SIM card. This means it is probably more portable than your mobile phone! Take it with you on holiday and it will still do its job provided you are in an area with coverage.

Did you know?

  • You’re supposed to test your CO alarm every week
  • You’re supposed to clean your CO alarm every 3-6 months
  • CO detectors have a limited life span

Most people don’t…

Summary of key benefits

  Key Features Traditional Carbon Monoxide Detectors The Smart Compliance Solution
Carbon Monoxide Detection Audible and visual alarm Yes Yes
SMS text alert No Yes
Monitoring Emergency services alerted No Yes
Recording of low level exposure No Yes
Testing Weekly/monthly battery & alarm test Typically not undertaken Yes – automatic
Weekly/monthly testing of sensor Not Undertaken Yes – automatic
Compliance Evidence of detector testing No Yes
Other Annual battery change required Yes No
BSI accreditation Yes Yes
Landlord notified of tampering No Yes
Real time data for maintenace No Yes