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Maintaining/Testing Your Detector

  • 6th December 2015
  • admin


Your detector will alert you to potentially hazardous CO concentrations in your home when maintained properly. To maintain your Smart Compliance CO detector in proper working order, and to ensure that the sensor will last for the lifetime of the product, it is recommend­ed that you:

  • Perform the sensor test annually
  • Test the unit at least twice per year by pressing and holding the test button
  • Keep the detector free from dust by gently vacuuming the case with a soft brush attachment when required

To prevent the possibility of contaminat­ing the sensor in your detector and thus affecting its reliability:

  • Never use cleaning solutions on your detector. Simply wipe with a slightly damp cloth
  • Do not paint the detector
  • Do not spray aerosols on or near the detector
  • Move the detector to a safe location and store in a plastic bag before painting, wall papering, or per­forming any other activities using substances that emit string fumes. Remember to remove it from the bag and return the detector to it’s original location when these activi­ties are finished.

Failure of any test should be reported to the Smart Compliance technical support.

Do not attempt to repair your CO detec­tor, Do not remove any screws or open the main casing of your detector. Any attempt to do so may cause malfunction and will invalidate the warranty.

Note: If any third party attempts to tamper with the detector you will receive an SMS / Text notifying you of the infringement.


WARNING: A loud alarm locally from the detector and warning text from your mobile apperatus is a warning that un­usually high and potentially lethal levels of carbon monoxide are present. Never ignore this alarm, further exposure can be fatal. Immediately check residents for symptoms of carbon monoxide poison­ing, and contact the proper authorities to resolve all CO problems. NEVER IGNORE ANY ALARM.

Please carefully review this owner’s manual to ensure that you know what actions to take in the event of an alarm.

What do you do during an alarm.

  • Keep calm and open all windows and doors to ventilate the property.
  • Stop using all fuel burning applianc­es and ensure, if possible, that they are turned off
  • Evacuate the property leaving the doors and windows open
  • Ring your gas or other fuel supplier on their emergency number; keep the number in a prominent place

Write your fuel supplier’s emergency number on here (see opposite for more useful numbers).

Supplier’s Emergency Number

Do not re-enter the property until the alarm has stopped. When exposed to fresh air it can take up to ten min­utes for the sensor to clear and the alarm to stop depending on the level of carbon monoxide detected

Get medical help immediately for anyone suffering the effects of car­bon monoxide poisoning (headache, nausea), and advise that carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected

Do not use the appliances again until they have been checked by an expert. In the case of gas applianc­es the engineer must be registered


National Gas Emergency Services : 0800 111 999

Gas Safe Register : 0800 408 5500

OFTEC : 0845 658 5080