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  • 7th February 2015
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Having spent four years researching carbon monoxide, we know everything about the deadly gas.

Those years in research led us to invent our new generation carbon monoxide detector. Now our aim is to change statistics.

  • Number of people owning a smoke detector = 84%
  • Number of people owning a carbon monoxide detector = 15%

We’re delighted some progress is being made. This week carbon monoxide was high on the agenda at the House of Commons due to a campaign called Make CO Alarms Law.

The campaign wants to ensure that CO alarms are mandatory in homes across England and Wales.

There are inconsistencies across the UK when it comes to the installation of carbon monoxide detectors and the laws surrounding them.

  • In Scotland/Northern Ireland: carbon monoxide alarms are to be fitted when a new or replacement boiler or other heating appliance is to be installed in a dwelling and other buildings with bedrooms.
  • In England/Wales : carbon monoxide alarms are required as part of building regulations where solid fuel appliances are installed. This covers wood-burning appliances and not carbon-burning appliances.

The change to the law is to make carbon monoxide alarms mandatory where carbon burning appliances are installed in English and Welsh homes.

We support and welcome the petitioning from unrelenting charities such as the Katie Haines foundation.

Former journalist Katie was found dead by her husband Richard at their Wokingham home in 2010. Since then, her husband Richard and parents Gordon and Avril Samuel have worked tirelessly to raise awareness. Through their hard work they have brought this campaign to the forefront.

Ministers are now reported to be considering reforms to the law.

We support this campaign and we think you should too. Please be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Pledge your support to the petition, by clicking on the link see below: